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System Requirements

These requirements represent the perfect working environment for current and up-to-date software technology; however we realize you may have updated your infrastructure within the last few years and are concerned about investing more of your hard earned capital into hardware and software. We here at Nautical Software Solution will assess your current systems and often find that the changes to benefit your business do not require a large outlay of money or time to have a stable reliable software system.

So please feel free to call for a free evaluation by our technical assessment team.

The Marina Program
Component Requirements
Server Hardware Pentium IV+ or Pentium XEON
1GB Available (Free) Memory
Recommend Redundant Hard Drives
Recommend Backup Solution
Server Software Microsoft Windows XP Professional 32bit 5-users or less
Microsoft Windows 2000/2003 Server 6-users or more
Pervasive SQL v 8.7-9x to 10.2 (Workgroup 5-users or less)
Pervasive SQL v 8.7-9x to 10.2 32-bit (Server 6-users or more)
Workstation Hardware Pentium IV+ or Pentium XEON
1GB Memory (512k Available Free)
POS Workstations 1GB Available
200 MB Free Disk Space
Workstation Software Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Microsoft Windows 2000
Windows XP Mode of Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate and Enterprise
Palm Desktop software Device running the Palm OS v3.x, v4.x, or v50. - v5.2
Ranger by Trimble Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0
Ranger 300x Ranger 500x
Activesync v4.5 (shipped with Ranger)
Microsoft ActiveSync
POS Peripherals
Receipt Printer: Epson TM Series (Parallel or Serial)
Cash Drawer: Any Epson Compatible Cash Drawer with Epson RJ12 Cable
Bar Code Scanner: Any Bar Code Scanner with USB interface
Bar Code Printer: Any Bar Code printer that comes with Barcode printing software
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