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The Marina Program Billing & Accounting

Billing & Accounting
The Marina Program is a full-featured Accounts Receivable and Data Management application. You can easily assign recurring charges to a tenant, charge guests, all transactions are posted to the proper accounts. You close your books monthly. The Marina Program provides an export facility to export summarized period data to text files, and QuickBooks, but QuickBooks is not required.

The Marina Program prints out statements or interim statements (and invoices) on request. All monthly statements show any balance forward, aged balances, and transactions for the month with descriptive line item descriptions to eliminate billing disputes. Statements can include a message defined by the Marina, insurance expiration notices if the boat's insurance is going to expire within the next month. Late notices if payment of the statement is past due. Statements can be on preprinted forms or blank paper, or Post Cards.

Accounting Reports
The Marina Program has accumulated just about every accounting related report imagineable since it's inception. Each new version carries reports forward. In addition to general Journal reports. TMP includes Accounts Receivable reports such as the Aged Receivable Report, and Delinquency Report, various A/R list formats for Late Notices. If a specific reporting need cannot be found in TMP's standard reports capabilities are provided so that external programs such as report writers can access the underlining TMP data.

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