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The Marina Program Integrations

Access card integrations

Security Access Card Keys
The Marina Program seamlessly interfaces with card key access systems from ALX Technologies. You can assign, activate, deactivate, and delete keys from within The Marina Program, you can also run numerous access control reports all from within The Marina Program.

ACH Debit The Marina Program exports an ACH file used by your bank to debit your customer accounts for the money owed to you. Batch amounts owed are sent to your bank with the payments being posted automatically to the individual tenant records in The Marina Program. This feature can be used with any bank that accepts National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) files. Customers utilizing this time saving affordable feature have Bank of America, Wachovia, Wells Fargo, Region Bank, Union Bank as their banking partners. Join the list of customers benefiting from this feature today. Contact Nautical Software Solution support to see if your bank supports the importing of an ACH file!

Credit Card Batch Processing The Marina Program exports to FrontStream Payments for credit card processing of monies owed for the period. Payments are automatically posted to the The Marina Program accounts, saving significant time on data entry.

Access card integrations

Gas Pump Interface
The Marina Program's POS option seamlessly interfaces with the gas pump interface from RMS Software From within the Marina Program you can cash out a sale from your fuel dock, TMP handles normal sales, and prepaid sales, the RMS software also handles pay at the pump.

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