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The Marina Program Tenant and Guest Management


The Marina Program Tenants And Guests

Tenant and Guest Management
The Tenant and Guest windows are the main windows into all customer interactions. From one central window marina operators have access to all customer account information including slip assignment, reservation history, recurring charges, billing activities, vessel codes, insurance information, wait list information, and meter utility usage. In addition Nautical Software Solution understands that one customer may have multiple vessels or slip assignments. these case are eaily handled within The Marina Program.

Tenant and Guest History
History detail relating to a tenant or guest is available by clicking the history button. The history function shows history for the last few months or the last year.

Lists and Reports
The Marina Program makes it easy to quickly generate account information relating to tenants or guests data can be generated for moorage contracts, phone directories, wait lists, balances due, occupancy reports. If a specific reporting need cannot be found in TMP's standard reports capabilities are provided so that external programs such as report writers can access TMP data.

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