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TMP Manuals

Last Updated
The Marina Program Manual v4.38 v4Manuals 2/9/2009
Access Control (Card Keys) ALX Documentation 1/12/2008
Access Control (Card Keys) SSI Documentation 1/12/2008
ACH Export Feature User Guide Documentation 8/15/2008
Aloha POS Interface User's Guide Documentation 9/17/2008
BPA POS Interace User's Guide Documentation 9/17/2008
Dock Check User Guide - PALM Documentation 2/13/2009
Dock Check User Guide - Ranger Documentation 2/01/2010
Emailing Statements v4.38 Documentation 12/28/2008
Launch Scheduler Dry Storage Features Documentation 11/16/2010
How to Attach a Boat Picture to a Tenant Record Documentation 1/22/2010
How to Resize a Group of Boat Pictures Documentation 7/29/2010
How to Restore Updated Graphics Files to The Marina Program Documentation 2/2/2008
Mail Merge Feature Documentation 2/13/2009
Meter Reading Utility User's Guide PALM Documentation 2/13/2009
Meter Reading Utility Users Guide - Ranger Documentation 3/24/2010
Online Banking Batch Electronic Pmt Processing Export - CC fasttransact & ACH Documentation 1/19/2008
Small Store Inventory CCIV Documentation 1/22/2010
Husky/Allegro file Upload/Download Documentation 12/02/2010

Technical Documentation

* NOTE: The following files may be requested by sending a request to support@nauticalsoftwaresolution.com with your contact information, the name of your organization, and the item you would like. These will be available for download directly from the portal when the user login is reinstated.

Last Updated
* TMP Technical Overviewsubmit request via email Tech 12/19/2008
* Copying your data to our FTPsubmit request via email Issue Resolution 2/18/2009
Installing NBASIC on the Ranger Tech 7/29/2010
WC TMP PC Setup for TDS Ranger Tech 7/29/2010
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